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I invite you to join with us as together we gather to celebrate Celtic Goddess Brigits Festival of Imbolc with Storytelling, Stillness Meditation, Dreamweavery, Drumming, Movement and gentle nurturing Sound vibrations of Healing for all. Sunday Feb 2nd @2pm Red Cow Morans Hotel Dublin. Suggested donation 35 euros. Places are limited so book soon. Brightest Blessings of Illumination Dermot

Coming soon in 2020 I will present a series of four events covering a broad canvas of work that I have developed over the past thirty years working worldwide in my craft. I do hope you can come and join  me for what will be an amazing day of healing and insightful wisdom for all. I will be covering the areas of Addiction Depression Trauma and Ancestral Family Generational healing Past lives and so much more. 

ADVANCED CORE ILLUMINATION INTEGRATION HEALING Explore this powerful transformational Healing process with me as I guide
you on your own personal individual inner journey of Illuminated Integration Healing.
Awaken to your true self the source of all stillness within to re-discover your path to self empowerment. Learn how to integrate the power source of all life within the Spiritual oneness of Creation.
For us to truly evolve and manifest positive change in our lives we must first learn how to rebuild a sense of trust and safety within ourselves at the core level of our emotional body soul connection . As Spiritual beings we can often struggle in the human dimension to maintain a balanced integrated Mind Body Soul awareness. We constantly are tested to maintain our spirit presence in the current moment of our reality as we perceive it to be. For each of us there is a different medicine to support us as no two souls are the same. However we do sometimes choose to cross paths and connect deeply with others along the way for support and learning. Very often relationships with others are set up for us to become mirrors of shadow and light for each other. This work takes us deep within our individual core to take responsibility and address our transference within our outer relationship experiences of reality as we perceive it to be.
I believe our purpose on Earth it to learn as Spiritual beings from each other how to integrate fully into our human bodies and hold our sacred space within our core to illuminate the reality around us with unconditional love.
The quest for us Spiritual being is to learn how to maintain healthy human boundaries and manifest self illumination without becoming judgemental or dependent on another soul or group to maintain this core source of awareness. When we individually achieve this we can illuminate a sustainable flow of light for others to feel supported and safe at a core level to raise their awareness consciously in the moment to embrace change.
The goal is to achieve this level of awareness without becoming over dependant on another soul or group. When we learn to become fully present in the moment we quickly learn why we chose to incarnate here on earth as we begin to experience instant karma of Universal law. If you send out negativity it returns to teach you the lesson. As someone once told me. Experience is a very hard Teacher as you get the test first and the lesson later.
The journey of self empowerment leads us to a place of inner harmony and peace once we learn how to illuminate our Shadow. The test is how do we remember that we are the source of power. To achieve this we are required to integrate the illumination process at our inner Core level from the source of all that is within us.
When we awaken to this awareness it reflects back on us all from within our collective illuminated reality creating a powerful energetic field of support. You hold the power at your core to create your own reality. This power lies within all of us it’s just that when we arrive in the human dimension we become dulled down and forget.
By stilling the mind we have the power within to manifest Peace and Harmony in our outer life. This is a Universal Truth as you cannot have one without the other, despite the product , workshops and training programs they try to sell you for instant happiness.
The Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing process
There are no quick fixes in healing and raising awareness.This work is a journey not a destination. It has the power to raise consciousness to evolve to a higher place of awareness in the present moment. The time is long overdue for us all to unite and share our knowledge for the greater good of all creation. This I believe is as the Creator would have us do.
I invite you to enter and explore this journey with me as your Gatekeeper. I want to share with you the craft I have developed over the past 38 years of my healing journey as a Wounded Healer.
Come and work with me as I guide you on an amazing Journey of self healing to re-awaken your true self and the source of Spiritual oneness that lies deep within us all.
We are all connected by the one source of Creation but a lot of us have lost our connection and have forgotten our way home to ourselves. This path will lead you to reconnect to the source and Illuminate your soul at a core level. Learn how to hold sacred space for yourself and others to heal regenerate, transform, purify, release and reconnect deeply within the core of your being to illuminate.
I am an intuitive empathic channel who allows my body to be used for the sacred healing presence of light to pass from the highest vibration of Illuminating Love to create the Core Illumination Integration process of Healing. Work with me and learn how to anchor this sacred alchemy deep within your consciousness and fully integrate it mindfully within the present moment of your reality. This process work has the power to manifest a positive change within and around you.
I have been actively teaching Goddess work worldwide for almost 30 years now. I decided long ago as part of my own personal healing journey to dedicate my work to recovering the sacred Sile na Gig alchemy of my ancestors in the form of Mother Mary and Celtic Goddess Brigit. It was through her Illuminating Flame that the Goddess would eventually reveal herself to me in a vision.
This ancient Celtic Alchemy of Fire has been carried down through my family for over 14 generations. Brigit’s Flame of Illumination is a powerful process of deep core healing for all who learn how to hold their Sacred Core space between Earth and Sky. This craft and ancient wisdom was held sacred by my ancestors from deep within our land for the past 14 generations . Our Sacred sites connect us all to our Ancestral lineage that was held Sacred in Ireland for many Generations. The stones carry all the memories and wisdom of our troubled past in Ireland. When we learn how to integrate healing power within we can then begin the journey of Ancestral Family Healing.This is another layer of work that we can in time learn to release as we illuminate further on our integrated path to harmony of Mind and Body. I am the 15th Generation (over 1000 years) of crafts people in my family to work the Flame. Just as my Ancestors did before m working the craft of the Blacksmith . I look forward to us meeting in the future. Brightest Blessings of Brigit’s Illuminating Flame to all. Dermot

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